From RNA to Memory

Welcome to the Wang lab! Our group studies the molecular and cell biological mechanisms of learning-related neuronal plasticity, a process in which the strength and the number of synaptic connections in our brain are altered by experience. Such structural and functional changes occur in an activity-dependent manner and are mediated by highly orchestrated gene networks. Our goal is to gain fundamental understanding of the regulation of gene expression within the neural circuits during long-term neuronal plasticity, with an emphasis on the spatiotemporal regulation mechanisms. In an essential effort to achieve this goal, we are developing effective RNA live-imaging methods for sensitive and quantitative imaging of RNA dynamics in living neural circuits. Our research has a strong orientation to incorporate novel bioactive materials and chemical approaches to study gene regulation and neuron function, which drives us to do cross-disciplinary collaboration research inside and outside our institute.


[2016.11.07] Ohtan started a new collaboration project as a visiting scholar at UCLA. Good luck!

[2016.09.20] Soaad has been selected a successful scholar of the Matsushita Memorial Foundation Scholarship 2016 (KMMF). Congratulations!

[2016.09.15] Ohmachi-san’s paper “A modified single-cell electroporation method for molecule delivery into a motile protist, Euglena gracilis.” This method paper is an application extension of our RNA live-cell imaging technology from neuroscience to clean energy innovation. Check it out!

[2016.08.03] Ikumi’s “learning lounge presentation is viewable on Check it out!

[2016.07.16] Ohtan is promoted to associate professor. Congratulations!

[2016.05.01] Belinda received Best Paper of the Year Award from The University of New Castle, Australia. Congratulations!

[2016.04.18] Risa, Nanami, and Hitoshi joined us as project assistants. Welcome!

[2016.04.01] Ikumi’s JSPS DC1 application has been approved. Congratulations!

[2016.03.21] Ikumi’s beautiful neuron micrograph has been selected to be displayed in Nature journal. Congratulations!

[2016.03.10] Yoshie’s work on chromatin remodeling through human FACT invasion has been published in Genes and Development. Congratulations!

[2015.09.8] Youqi and his group won the first place in the "make a project (MAP)" competition at iCeMS retreat. Congratulations!

[2015.08.30] Rio Ohtsuka got accepted into graduate school of biostudies at Kyoto university. Congratulations!

[2015.06.22] Ikumi's paper "ECHO-liveFISH: in vivo RNA labeling reveals dynamic regulation of nuclear RNA foci in living tissues" (doi:10.1093/narlgkv614) is available online now. Congratulations!

[2015.06.13] Martine Haan has been successfully accepted as a Ph.D. student at Max Planck Institute for Medical Research at Heidelberg. Congratulations!

[2015.05.19] Dr. Belinda Goldie joined our lab as a JSPS fellow. Welcome!

[2015.05.19] Dr. Yoshie Fujiwara joined our lab as a research associate. Welcome!

[2015.03.04] Ikumi Oomoto received poster award from 13th international student seminar. Congratulations!

[2015. 01.19] Yumi Sugahara joined our lab as a technical staff. Welcome!

[2015. 01. 01] Happy New Year! Hidemi Kawabata and Hidemi Kawabata joined our lab as lab assistants. Welcome!

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