From RNA to Memory

Welcome to the Wang lab! Our group studies the molecular and cell biological mechanisms of learning-related neuronal plasticity, a process in which the strength and the number of synaptic connections in our brain are altered by experience. Such structural and functional changes occur in an activity-dependent manner and are mediated by highly orchestrated gene networks. Our goal is to gain fundamental understanding of the regulation of gene expression within the neural circuits during long-term neuronal plasticity, with an emphasis on the spatiotemporal regulation mechanisms. In an essential effort to achieve this goal, we are developing effective RNA live-imaging methods for sensitive and quantitative imaging of RNA dynamics in living neural circuits. Our research has a strong orientation to incorporate novel bioactive materials and chemical approaches to study gene regulation and neuron function, which drives us to do cross-disciplinary collaboration research inside and outside our institute.

王丹实验室进行与学习有关的神经可塑性的分子和细胞生物学机制的研究,该过程是一个我们大脑内突触连接的数目和强度被经验改变的过程。这种结构和功能的变化是由高度有序的基因网络介导的,以活动依赖性的方式而发生的变化。我们的目标是获得经过了长期神经可塑性的神经回路的基因表达调控的基本认识,因为它是对时空调控机制的一个重点。 我们的工作可以分为三个部分:观察,分析,模拟RNA转录后的调节机制。“观察”RNA,为了活体神经回路中的RNA动力学的灵敏性和准确性,我们正在发展有效的RNA的活体成像方法。“分析”RNA,在神经元培养中,我们使用结合分子生物学操作和生物化学分析的下一代测序技术。“模拟”RNA序列,我们使用人造纳米材料模拟自然存在的RNA颗粒。我们的研究具有明确的方向,结合新颖的生物活性材料和化学方法去研究基因序列和神经元功能,这就迫使我们要进行跨学科的合作研究项目。 最近,我们已经发现了一种新的转录后序列机制,当机体调节异常时,它可以为神经精神病学的疾病,包括智力残疾、精神发育迟滞、抑郁症、焦虑症、孤独症、精神分裂症,提供病理生理学基础。未来五年,我们将建立异常调节基因网络和人类疾病状况之间的物理链路。这些研究可能会为疾病的有效治疗提供新的治疗靶向,对当今高度复杂和繁忙的社会提供巨大益处。


[2020.3.26] Ms. Momoe Sukegawa earned her Master’s degree from Kyoto University. Congratulations, Momo!

[2020.3.22] We had a renovation of the office space in preparation for the new year. Well done!

[2020.2.1] Ms. Nobuko Ikeda joined our lab as new secretary. Welcome!

​[2020.1.30] Prof. Xiang-ru Li joined us as a visiting scholar for 6 weeks. Welcome!

[2019.12.31] Soundhar has left the lab for a new job with Google. Congratulations!

[2019.11.25] Our commentary on mapping RNA modifications of m1A and m6A came out at Nature Methods. Good job!

[2019.9.22] Our collaboration with Prof. Takashi Ikejima’s group has yielded a very nice article in Journal of Cellular Physiology on  Type I collagen inhibits adipogenic differentiation via YAP activation in vitro&nbsp. Big congratulations to all co-authors!

[2019.8.22] Ms. Vesselina Sadovska from Heidelberg University joined our group for a summer internship supported by Nakatani foundation. Welcome!

[2019.8.1] Dr. Kandarp Joshi joined our group as a postdoc fellow. Welcome!

[2019.7.15] Our Japanese review paper on  Neuropsychiatric disorders and RNA chemical marks at synapse just came out in Japanese “Igakunoayumi”. Good job!

[2019.6.30-7.12] Dr. Anand Gururajan from University of Sydney came to our group for a two weeks stay. We are so glad you came!

[2019.6.19] Our long-time collaboration with Drs. Zoher Gueroui and Hirohide Saito has yielded in a very nice article that came out in PNAS today on  Nanoparticle-based local translation reveals mRNA as a translation-coupled scaffold with anchoring function&nbsp. Big congratulations to all co-authors!

[2019.5.1-7.12] Dr. Fekrije Selimi from College de France in Paris came to our lab for her sabbatical until summer. Welcome and we were so lucky to have you!

[2019.4.1] Two of our projects are approved for funding by JSPS. Awesome and we will be very busy!

[2019.4.1] Dr. Soundhar Ramasamy has joined the lab as postdoc fellow. Welcome!

[2019.4.1] Momoe Sukegawa received Sasakawa grant for her work in understanding the role of RNA modification in neurons. Congratulations!

[2019.4.1] Dr. Ikumi Oomoto has sucessfully defended her thesis and been rewarded Ph.D. She will move to RIKEN CBS for her postdoc training. Congratulations and best luck!

[2019.1.15] We started a new journal club in neuroscience at Kyoto University. Excited!

[2018.12.20] Our Japanese review paper on  synaptic RNA modifications just came out in Japanese Experimental Medicine. Good job!

[2018.11.20] Our proposal for genome-wide sequencing of synaptic RNA modifications has been approved for AMED support. Excellent!

[2018.11.10] Graduate student Ikumi has been selected to receive JSPS postdoc award. Congratulations! 

[2018.10.16] Dr. Danyang Wang has joined the lab as postdoc fellow. Welcome! 

[2018.10.01] Shengqun Hou has joined the lab as an exchange master student. Welcome! 

[2018.9.01] Prof. Weiwei Ma will spend three month as a visiting scholar in our lab. Welcome! 

[2018.9.01] Our proposal for high through-put sequencing of synaptic RNA modifications has been approved for “Senshin Genome” support. Excellent!

[2018.6.27] Our paper with Wan-Ting as first author has been published by Nature Neuroscience. Congratulations! 

[2018.4.1] Dr. Hiroki Umeshima is promoted to assistant professor at the medical school of Tokushima University. Congratulations! 

[2018.4.1] Drs. Hiroki Umeshima and Yoshie Fujiwara have been awarded with JSPS KAKENHI. Congratulations! 

[2018.4.1] Doctoral student Rohini has been awarded with Mitsubishi scholarship and Sakagawa research fund. Congratulations! 

[2018.3.20] Doctoral student Rohini has been awarded with Mitsubishi scholarship and Sakagawa research fund. Congratulations! 

[2018.1.4] Happy New Year of 2018! Our collaboration work on visualizing Fe2+ in living cells has been accepted to ACS Chemical Biology. Excellent! 

[2017.12.22] Our study on transported mRNA with nuclear type of cap-binding proteins in human neuronal cells is published in Frot Mol Biosci. Excellent! 

[2017.12.20] Ikumi presented her work on in vivo RNA imaging. Good job! 

[2017.12.8] Ohtan gave a talk at conBio. Good job! 

[2017.12.4] Ohtan addressed a lecture at Hyogo Prefecture University leading program. Good job! 

[2017.11.26] Our technique ECHO-liveFISH is published in Methods in Molecular Biology. Vol.1649. Good job!

[2017.10.31] Professor and director Jingyu Yang from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University and Dr. Anna Matynia from UCLA, USA visited us and gave us fantastic seminars. Welcom and thank you!

[2017.10.01] Ms. Noriko Ohmura joined our lab as a new secretary. Welcome!

[2017.10.01] Dr. Hiroki Umeshima joined our lab as a postdoc fellow. Welcome!

[2017.09.17] Prominent professor Chien-ping Ko from University of Southern California visited our lab. Welcome!

[2017.09.07] Students from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University visited us and translated our research introduction into Chinese. Thank you!

[2017.9.5] Belinda’s paper on MAZ transcription factor regulating both mRNA transcription and miRNA precursor processing is published in Front. Mol. Neurosci. Excellent!

[2017.08.15] Dr. Clive Bramham from Norway visited us and gave us a lecture on synaptic plasticity. Thank you!

[2017.08.07] Dr. Tomonori Takeuchi from UK visited us and gave us a lecture on dopamine circuts underlying everyday learning. Thank you!

[2017.08.07] Hitoshi got an internship on programming in Tokyo. Congratulations!

[2017.07.25] Dr. Kwok-on Lai from HongKong visited us and gave us a lecture on local translation. Thank you!

[2017.07.19-21] Ikumi presented her work on RNA modifications in axon at JNS. Good job! Ohtan presented the lab work on synaptic m6A epitranscriptome at annual RNA meeting. Good job!

[2017.07.06] Dr. Todd Anthony from Boston visited us and gave us a lecture on neural mechanisms underlying susceptibility to stress. Thank you!

[2017.06.03] Belinda took a new postdoc fellow position at Monash University. Best luck and come back visit us anytime!

[2016.05.09] Dr. Sang H. Lee from Boston visited us and gave us a lecture on synaptic scaffolding proteins. Thank you!

[2016.05.01] Rohini is selected as a JASSO awardee this year! Congratulations!

[2017.04.01] Rohini passed the entrance exam at Biostudies and joined the lab. Welcome!

[2016.11.07] Ohtan started a new collaboration project as a visiting scholar at UCLA. Good luck!

[2016.09.20] Soaad has been selected a successful scholar of the Matsushita Memorial Foundation Scholarship 2016 (KMMF). Congratulations!

[2016.09.15] Ohmachi-san’s paper “A modified single-cell electroporation method for molecule delivery into a motile protist, Euglena gracilis.” This method paper is an application extension of our RNA live-cell imaging technology from neuroscience to clean energy innovation. Check it out!

[2016.08.03] Ikumi’s “learning lounge presentation is viewable on Check it out!

[2016.07.16] Ohtan is promoted to associate professor. Congratulations!

[2016.05.01] Belinda received Best Paper of the Year Award from The University of New Castle, Australia. Congratulations!

[2016.04.18] Risa, Nanami, and Hitoshi joined us as project assistants. Welcome!

[2016.04.01] Ikumi’s JSPS DC1 application has been approved. Congratulations!

[2016.03.21] Ikumi’s beautiful neuron micrograph has been selected to be displayed in Nature journal. Congratulations!

[2016.03.10] Yoshie’s work on chromatin remodeling through human FACT invasion has been published in Genes and Development. Congratulations!

[2015.09.8] Youqi and his group won the first place in the “make a project (MAP)” competition at iCeMS retreat. Congratulations!

[2015.08.30] Rio Ohtsuka got accepted into graduate school of biostudies at Kyoto university. Congratulations!

[2015.06.22] Ikumi’s paper “ECHO-liveFISH: in vivo RNA labeling reveals dynamic regulation of nuclear RNA foci in living tissues” (doi:10.1093/narlgkv614) is available online now. Congratulations!

[2015.06.13] Martine Haan has been successfully accepted as a Ph.D. student at Max Planck Institute for Medical Research at Heidelberg. Congratulations!

[2015.05.19] Dr. Belinda Goldie joined our lab as a JSPS fellow. Welcome!

[2015.05.19] Dr. Yoshie Fujiwara joined our lab as a research associate. Welcome!

[2015.03.04] Ikumi Oomoto received poster award from 13th international student seminar. Congratulations!

[2015. 01.19] Yumi Sugahara joined our lab as a technical staff. Welcome!

[2015. 01. 01] Happy New Year! Hidemi Kawabata and Hidemi Kawabata joined our lab as lab assistants. Welcome!

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